HP Helion CE Virtual Install: can not download demo_2014nnnn_n.tar.gz [closed]

asked 2014-08-05 04:17:21 -0600

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According to documentation : HP Helion OpenStack® Community Virtual Installation and Configuration https://docs.hpcloud.com/helion/commu...

Download the demo tarball (demo_2014nnnn_n.tar.gz) wget http://tripz400.emea.hpqcorp.net/ce_d...

I can not download demo_2014nnnn_n.tar.gz , can anyone upload this file to dropbox ? Thanks!

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answered 2014-08-13 10:40:03 -0600

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updated 2014-08-14 14:20:36 -0600

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Apologies - the documentation has now been corrected. See https://docs.hpcloud.com/helion/commu... .

regards, ronan

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