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I have a Devstack (single node) environment on ubuntu 12.04, I am able to access my Horizon, create new instances. nova list command gives proper output. But when I try Ceilometer meter-list command it gives

ceilometerclient.exc.InvalidEndpoint: Error finding address for /v2/meters: [Err no -2] Name or service not known

What can be the cause, How to solve it ?

My Ceilometer.conf

policy_file = /etc/ceilometer/policy.json
debug = True
verbose = True
notification_topics = notifications
rabbit_password = pass
rabbit_hosts =
rpc_backend = ceilometer.openstack.common.rpc.impl_kombu

os_tenant_name = service
os_password = pass
os_username = ceilometer

signing_dir = /var/cache/ceilometer
admin_tenant_name = service
admin_password = pass
admin_user = ceilometer
identity_uri =

connection = mysql://root:pass@

My ~/devstack/local.conf

# Sample ``local.conf`` for user-configurable variables in ``stack.sh``

# NOTE: Copy this file to the root ``devstack`` directory for it to
# work properly.

# ``local.conf`` is a user-maintained setings file that is sourced from ``stackrc``.
# This gives it the ability to override any variables set in ``stackrc``.
# Also, most of the settings in ``stack.sh`` are written to only be set if no
# value has already been set; this lets ``local.conf`` effectively override the
# default values.

# This is a collection of some of the settings we have found to be useful
# in our DevStack development environments. Additional settings are described
# in http://devstack.org/local.conf.html
# These should be considered as samples and are unsupported DevStack code.

# The ``localrc`` section replaces the old ``localrc`` configuration file.
# Note that if ``localrc`` is present it will be used in favor of this section.

#Enable the ceilometer metering service
enable_service ceilometer-acompute ceilometer-acentral ceilometer-anotification ceilometer-collector

#Enable the ceilometer alarming service
enable_service ceilometer-alarm-evaluator,ceilometer-alarm-notifier

#Enable ceilometer alarming services
enable_service ceilometer-alarm-notifier ceilometer-alarm-evaluator

#Enable the ceilometer api service
enable_service ceilometer-api

# Minimal Contents
# ----------------

# While ``stack.sh`` is happy to run without ``localrc``, devlife is better when
# there are a few minimal variables set:

# If the ``*_PASSWORD`` variables are not set here you will be prompted to enter
# values for them by ``stack.sh`` and they will be added to ``local.conf``.

# ``HOST_IP`` should be set manually for best results if the NIC configuration
# of the host is unusual, i.e. ``eth1`` has the default route but ``eth0`` is the
# public interface.  It is auto-detected in ``stack.sh`` but often is indeterminate
# on later runs due to the IP moving from an Ethernet interface to a bridge on
# the host. Setting it here also makes it available for ``openrc`` to include
# when setting ``OS_AUTH_URL``.
# ``HOST_IP`` is not set by default.

# Logging
# -------

# By default ``stack.sh`` output only goes to the terminal ...
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answered 2014-08-11 05:49:40 -0600

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the ceilometerclient gives InvalidEndpointException in three cases

  1. the scheme is unsupported, this means that the service is not correctly configured or it is not running
  2. Invalid URL, the URL is not set correctly (check the EndpointUrl and InternalUrl for the service)
  3. Error finding the address, this means that the API call cannot reach the requested URL

I was facing the Unsupported Scheme Error, which was caused because CeilometerClient Was taking my http_proxy variable and resolve the URL, (although it was running on localhost). Somehow no_proxy variable did not help to resolve this conflict, removing the http_proxy variable and flushing the cache solved it.!

this link shows the Error Types http://nullege.com/codes/search/ceilometerclient.exc.InvalidEndpoint Also i found http://vmartinezdelacruz.com/logging-and-debugging-in-openstack/ (this) link to be helpful !!

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