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Can someone help me out. I am stuck here for more than a week now.

I am trying my hands with Openstack and having trouble setting up Neutron networking. I am following the 'Openstack Installation Guide for RHEL, centos and Fedora - Icehouse' verbatim and using 3 VMs running RHEL 6.5 on VMware workstation for my setup. This is the initial configuration that I created:

   **Controll Node**    
    Management network = (host only, eth2)

**Network Node**
Management netowrk = (host only, eth3)
Instance tunnel network = (host only, eth1)
External network = eth2 - no ip (Bridged -

**Compute Node**
Management netowrk = (host only, eth2)
Instance tunnel network = (host only, eth1)

Down the line I followed the exact steps to 'Create Initial network' and used - 102 as the floating ip range, as the gateway for the external network and as the tenant network and as the gateway for the tenant network.

After all this, when I ping the lowest floating Ip ( as described in 'Verify connectivity it doesnt ping.

What am I missing here? Please let me know if you need any more config files. Any help will be much appreciated.

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Please read FAQ before posting question.

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