How to serve other hosts on DHCP *OR* manually provison one?

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OK, i have a setup where I have an L2 bridging VM. I would like to have a VM on one side of it get a DHCP response from the neutron-configured dnsmasq on the other side. The DHCP request gets to dnsmasq, but it does not respond since it had no pool of IP, only fixed MAC->IP assignments.

-------------    -------------
| Windows 7 |----| L2 Bridge |------
-------------  | -------------   |
           Subnet-1           Subnet-2

what i have done is 'subnet-1' has no DHCP enabled. I had to make a subnet (since I couldn't figure out how to have a 'network' without IP). I have verified that DHCP flows from the Windows 7 instance through subnet-1 through the L2 bridge to subnet-2. Subnet-2 is configured with an CIDR and DHCP is enabled. I have verified that the DHCP broadcast (request) reaches the dnsmasq running on Subnet-2.

dnsmasq is run with config files of:

addn_hosts  host  interface  opts  pid

# cat addn_hosts      host-172-16-6-1.stack host-172-16-6-1     host-172-16-6-10.stack host-172-16-6-10
# cat host
# cat interface
tap320a576b-40# cat opts
# cat pid

As you can see, it doesn't have a 'dhcp-range' command, e.g. if the opts file had:


I would be happy.

Is there a way to either: a) manually provision dnsmasq via neutron to know of a static MAC-IP mapping? Such that I can call this from Heat? b) add a 'dhcp-range' option to this subnet when neutron creates the qdhcp setup?

Can help?

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