Problems with floating IPs and neutron

asked 2014-07-28 12:56:24 -0600

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We have openstack icehouse setup with neutron uon ubuntu 14.04. we have eth0, brex, br-int, br-tap. eth0 has no ip address. brex has the external one + the routing ip address of the floating ip subnet we want to use. we setup a router with a private and a public network, the puiblic network is attached to the brex. now we assign a vm with a floating ip address. we can ping internaly to the internal gateway and the external gateway ip address. we can ping from the VM to any External Address, BUT! the response comes back, even into brex, into the router, but is never been forwarded to the internal network.

here we can see that the DNAT Rules from external ip to internal are never been hit.

additionaly we wanted to log whats going on and we figured out that logging from the netns namespaces is not working at all!?= that means the logging, even hit (-v on iptables ) are never ending in kern.log

what can be the reason for our problems?

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How's about neutron security-group ?

totten25 gravatar imagetotten25 ( 2014-07-29 03:54:34 -0600 )edit

These are the rules on the tenant, if this iw what you mean!? Zutritt IPv4 TCP 22 (SSH) (CIDR)
Zutritt IPv6 Jede(s) - default Austreten IPv6 Jede(s) - ::/0 (CIDR) Zutritt IPv4 ICMP - (CIDR)
Austreten IPv4 Jede(s) - (CIDR)
Austreten IPv4 ICMP - (CIDR)

giorgio gravatar imagegiorgio ( 2014-07-29 06:52:07 -0600 )edit