The state of Oslo and ZeroMQ support [closed]

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Hey guys,

What's up with ZeroMQ support in OpenStack?

It seems that ZeroMQ support in OpenStack, in general, is somewhat lacking. There are several open and not addressed ZeroMQ bugs. There's also no decent tutorials nor documentation on how to get it to work.

Clustered RabbitMQ (mirrored queues) is not as reliable as we would like it to be. It's also not really scalable. RabbitMQ with DRBD just adds more moving parts an doesn't really solve the problem of scalability. Qpid has no clustering support at all. Therefore, ZeroMQ-based messaging (on top of Oslo) seems to be the logical choice for large cloud deployments, due to its inherent scalability, superior speed, and no single point of failure.

Could we, as a community, focus a bit more on ZeroMQ integration, and actually make it production worthy? Are there any technical obstacles preventing us from doing so?

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these sort of open ended conversations are better held on openstack mailing lists.

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