DMZ public network

asked 2014-07-26 14:44:16 -0500

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I have the following network setup: - one internal network - one provider assigned subnet 86.X.117.32/27 - one SOHO ASUS router connected to the Internet with 82.x.x.x configured on the WAN interface, and 2 IPs for the internal interface and 86.X.117.33

I want to use packstack to configure a single-node Openstack (and to add more nodes later) which will have the private IPs from the subnet (so that internal computers can access directly the virtual machines) and the public IPs (floating IPs) from the range 86.X.117.34 - 86.X.117.62

Is this possible? What I have to do to make this work?

Please help me !

Thank you, Alin

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