How to run tempest tests, "testr" vs "nosetests"?

asked 2014-07-25 10:01:56 -0500

danno gravatar image

What is the difference between using "tester run --parallel" and "nosetests -v tempest" to run the tests?

The total number of tests ran is different between the 2 methods.


"testr run --parallel"

Ran 1973 (+1972) tests in 3679.819s (+3679.582s)

FAILED (id=2, failures=2 (+2), skips=233)

"nosetests –v tempest"

Ran 2160 tests in 5648.261s

FAILED (SKIP=233, errors=125, failures=4)

Also, for the test result of testr, what does (+1972) or (+2) mean?

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