Modify keypair in instances already running

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Hi all!

I have a question about the keypaid, I need modify the keypair for security reason, but the documentation I don't found how i can doing it.

I followed the following steps, but I can't found the way de change keypair:

#delete the old kaypair

nova keypair-delete admin

#add the new keypair

nova keypair-add --pub-key .ssh/ admin

#Enter to instance is already running with the old key, and see the metada for information about the new key


#when run curl commando I can see key old and not the new key

The question is: How can I change the keypair of the instance that is already runnnig with the old key? o What is the best way for this to work?

Any help about this issue is welcome


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answered 2014-07-24 17:49:15 -0600

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Unfortunately I don't think you can do this.

When you launch an instance the key data is copied into the instances table of the nova database, not stored by reference. So as you see changing the stored value of the key doesn't change it's value on any previously launched instances.

This wouldn't be useful without additional custom work inside the VM since the authorized_keys file that is what actually controls login is only written out from the instance metadata on launch.

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