ceilometer not showing nova meters in MongoDB

asked 2014-07-24 11:24:24 -0600

tpcloud_nerd gravatar image

So we are running OpenStack Havana in our environment and we just ran the default install without making any configs to Ceilometer. We have MongoDB set to our backend database, but when we look at the tables/info all we are seeing is the storage meters. We are wanting to access the compute meters, specifically VCPUS. When I run ceilometer statistics -m vcpus -q 'project=xxx' in the CLI I can see that it is collecting data, but it seems not be going into Mongo.

Are there configs we need to change for all meters to be stored in Mongo? We are wanting to check a VM power state and are planning on using VCPUS to tell when/if they were running. I am still very new to this, so any information will be helpful!

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