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Ceilometer meter query fails?

asked 2014-07-24 10:13:50 -0500

akira gravatar image

Whe I use the ceilometer api to retrive data for a meter, it works good. For example, "v2/meters/instance". It returns a whole lot of samples and one of the sample paramters say for ex : "counter_name : instance".

But when I use the same parameter above to query, for example , "v2/meters/instance?q.field=counter_name&q.value=instance". This FAILS ! And then I have to use the new name for counter_name -> meter to get the query working.

If the meter returns a sample format, why am I not able to query it using the same sample format ? Many other parameters such as type,unit do not work. And many similar queries fail and some "op" functions also dont work/work incorrectly !

Do I have some config issue ? Or am I not using the API correctly ? Any ideas are appreciated !

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answered 2014-10-13 04:42:13 -0500

Srikanta gravatar image

When you are using the specific end point for a Meter, why would you further filter with the same meter ? For all the possible filters using statistics, refer this link > (

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