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dashboard not displaying network and object store

asked 2014-07-24 04:40:01 -0600

Vysakhv90 gravatar image

updated 2014-07-24 05:43:09 -0600

After installing OpenStack (DevStack), I tried login to the dashboard. I could find only two tabs there (compute and orchestration) but not network and object store, though I have logged in as admin. Checked the keystone services, couldnt find swift and neutron services, so I just created those services and now it list there as shown below:

[stack@openstack devstack]$ keystone service-list
|                id                |   name   |      type      |         description         |
| 2cbf320ab83d4177a71d97ea478404f8 |  cinder  |     volume     |    Cinder Volume Service    |
| b8d632ae79b34d95ac1f44738ac7eef0 | cinderv2 |    volumev2    |   Cinder Volume Service V2  |
| b54f6814b6c449678118870d8492f93d |   ec2    |      ec2       |   EC2 Compatibility Layer   |
| fc9b9806dfe74b89b600c178cc0e1812 |  glance  |     image      |     Glance Image Service    |
| 26a9b4ecc64a4749bfbd7872ef8e9500 |   heat   | orchestration  |  Heat Orchestration Service |
| c3ec7483de44428691e96ed119e80121 | heat-cfn | cloudformation | Heat CloudFormation Service |
| 62c9b47524ab4f139d54e7688c853cfb | keystone |    identity    |  Keystone Identity Service  |
| 3dc65bcd40bf49d59c42c49a724c7563 | neutron  |    network     |       Network Service       |
| d8e71222de334250903ddfa9c319db34 |   nova   |    compute     |     Nova Compute Service    |
| 2573faf8148f455381fbffc5ca2726c2 |  novav3  |   computev3    |   Nova Compute Service V3   |
| cac5203d66aa4f309004c833e14abe4f |    s3    |       s3       |              S3             |
| 453c3a1a0f2c4652a076a6b6c7fcbe51 |  swift   |  object-store  |     Object Store Service    |

Can someone please help me how can I get all the tabs in my dashboard. This is the case of Project tab.

Now coming to Admin tab, I cant see the following tabs there also:

Resource Usage Networks Routers

Can someone support me to acheive both scenarios? Thanks

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answered 2014-07-25 03:13:27 -0600

andreaf gravatar image

Are swift and neutron in the list of services in your localrc in devstack? The fact that they were not originally in the catalogue suggests that they were not deployed as part of your cloud, or that something went wrong with their deployment. See for details on how to configure devstack

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answered 2014-07-25 04:20:17 -0600

As discussed on IRC, neutron and the object storage services need to be enabled in devstack in order have them running and showing in Horizon. More information: (look for Neutron and ML2 if you want to enable that extension)

Also the answer from @andreaf and link may point you in the right direction.

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