Why are VMs assigned a FIXED IP from every available network? [closed]

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I have a working Grizzly with nova-network (flat DHCP mode) that we use for our development labs and it works great with a single FIXED network. However, it's time to expand. My plan is to have one controller, that can spin up VM in either the old dev lab or on new compute nodes that will use a second FIXED network.

When I add the second network and start a VM in the WebUI (Horizon) the VM grabs an IP from both fixed networks:

nova-manage network create --multi_host='T' --num_networks 1 --network_size 256 --fixed_range_v4= --fixed_cidr= --bridge_interface=br64 --bridge=br64 --dns1= --dns2=

I tried using the --project_id= argument, but that didn't work.

Is this just a problem with Horizon not allowing me to select a network. It seems that when you don't specify a network when creating a VM it will automatically assign a private IP address from each available nova-network.

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This question is about a version of OpenStack which has been EOL'ed. Closing.

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