What are those dash "-" for in glance/cinder log?

asked 2014-07-21 20:46:24 -0500

t.goto gravatar image

Hi, all.
I'm trying to collect OpenStack logs and analyze them with elasticsearch/fluentd/Kibana. I have to define fields with regular expressions for convenient and efficient search, and this question came to me.

When I was checking with cinder/glance log, I noticed three unused dashes "-" within bracket.

2014-07-22 09:50:41.865 21226 INFO cinder.api.openstack.wsgi [req-aaaa 3e97b7da4 93f22cf65 - - -] GET

First three characters indicate requestID, userID and tenantID, but last three appears to be not used. I've defined them as "RESERVED1", "RESERVED2" and "RESERVED3" for now. Are those not used or I've just missed something?

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