what is the easiest way to instrument horizon code?

asked 2013-08-20 17:34:44 -0500

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How do I instrument code? I would like to get code coverage for Horizon, what is the easiest way to instrument horizon code?


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answered 2013-08-22 04:51:20 -0500

jpichon gravatar image

Currently you can generate the code coverage report for Horizon by running ./run_tests.sh --coverage. You'll find the reports in the reports directory afterward.

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Thanks jpichon for reply, this code coverage report is generated using unit tests correct? I'm looking for code coverage of my functional tests (Not the unit testing code coverage). To elaborate more, assume QA team executes their tests suites using selenium, manual testing. At the end of the tests, I would like to know the amount of code (target code , not the test code base) got invoked/tested.

Vishal Rekala gravatar imageVishal Rekala ( 2013-08-22 10:58:30 -0500 )edit

Correct, this using the Horizon unit tests. Perhaps looking at how the existing coverage works could help for your use case, e.g. using http://nedbatchelder.com/code/coverage/ with the functional tests you care about.

jpichon gravatar imagejpichon ( 2013-08-23 09:15:42 -0500 )edit

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