Keystone Authenticate JSON response element order [closed]

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Hi I am curious if there is any discussion about changing the order of the elements in the service-catalog to be more friendly to stream processing?

I can see building up a JSON Object or XML DOM but if we are processing an input stream it would be best that the serializing logic SEES the "name": "Object Store" FIRST before the endpoint URL data.

I am proposing a simple re-ordering of these elements to allow a more logical stream flow.

eg: (* Note the "name" is first... )

           "name": "Object Storage",
            "type": "object-store",
            "endpoints": [
                    "publicURL": "", 
                    "region": "region-a.geo-1", 
                    "tenantId": "1111111111111", 
                    "versionId": "1.0", 
                    "versionInfo": "", 
                    "versionList": ""


This obviously is not a deal breaker for me but would be useful for speed.


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This seems to be more appropriate for a discussion, not a 'question' appropriate for this site. Read to learn what we mean by 'question' as opposed as a topic for a conversation. The OpenStack mailing list would be more appriate for this.

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