How to deploy HP Helion openstack overcloud on physical boxes

asked 2014-07-17 08:56:53 -0500

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Hi All, As per documentation steps ( ( ) for deploying overcloud setup, I could get the setup up and running, by following the steps. But as mentioned there, these steps created the overcloud setup on VMs, instead I want to create my controller and compute on individual physical boxes, not on virtual machines. Can someone help me in getting the exact way to setup HP Helion community edition deployed on physical systems ?

Any pointers/suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Regards Abhay

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answered 2014-07-17 09:09:13 -0500

Hi, I think what you want is a baremetal installation.

Here a small introduction to HP Helion OpenStack Community that briefly shows the differences between the two approaches (virtual vs. baremetal).

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Thanks for pointing to the documentation.

Few of basic questions on that page, 1. In baremetal.csv, it is asked to mention 7 entries of systems. I want to do the setup in 3 systems only, can I work with 3 systems ? If installer has a check of having 7 entries to proceed with, Will duplicating entries as workaround would help ? 2. Why do we need 2 swift node, shouldn't that be flexible ? As per user requirement he add can as he requires ? 3. I see entries like <ilouser>,<ilopassword>,<iloipaddress>, what does "ilo" stand for in "ilouser" ?

Regards Abhay

abhay gravatar imageabhay ( 2014-07-18 08:47:51 -0500 )edit

Hi Abhay,

Did you find any help for the same?

sagar_bansal gravatar imagesagar_bansal ( 2014-07-23 04:40:04 -0500 )edit

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