How to configure multiple nics per node on icehouse?

asked 2014-07-16 12:46:07 -0500

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From a public system, I enter, keystone user-list
This is the response Unable to establish connection to http://priv-ip-1:35357/v2.0/users

but I have OS_AUTH_URL=

I have not been able to get the 3 node icehouse fully operational. I have easter egging the scenario found below, through many permutations.

The setup is a 3 node icehouse for RHEL. I have one nic that is connected to a public network, while the second nic is connected to a private network. The pulic nic also connects me to a gpfs storage server.

I have followed the "OpenStack Installation Guide for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, and Fedora" 7/12/14 edition.

For the sake of demonstration,

I will have assigned pub-ip-1 pub-ip-2 & pub-ip-3 to the controller, network, and compute nodes respectively, obviously for access from outside the cluster.


I have priv-ip-1 priv-ip-2 & priv-ip-3 assigned to the controller, network, and compute nodes respectively.

Say for keystone, I have assigned pub-ip-1 to the public endpoints, AND I have assigned priv-ip-1 to internal and admin endpoints

Is this correct so far? If not, what should it be?

And, what do I assigned to publicurl and adminurl in the config files?

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