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openstack without connection to the internet? (Seperated organization network)

asked 2014-07-16 03:10:19 -0500

lironbr gravatar image


I am new to openstack and to the open source\linux world.

My organization have sperated private network without any conenction to the internet. In order to insert files to this network we should burn them on disk. scan them and then to insert to the network. I tried to clone devstack git, but when i try to install it there is a lot of dependencies\rpms that missing at our inside yum server.

how can i download all openstack packages and dependencies at one time?

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answered 2014-07-16 05:25:08 -0500

openstack-3 gravatar image

you have to set up a Repo with a copy of the packages on a portable media, look at this tool: mrepo (link text)

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I didn't get it to the bits and bytes.

can you please give me some instructions? did you mean to mirror all RedHat (for example) repo ?

I tried to install devstack inside our private network, but inside the scripts there is a lot of "yum install ..." commands and dependencies packages like pytho-* etc..

lironbr gravatar imagelironbr ( 2014-07-25 01:57:38 -0500 )edit

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