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openstack installation stack user permission denied

asked 2014-07-16 02:23:32 -0500

Vysakhv90 gravatar image

I am a beginner in OpenStack Technologies in everyway. And I am trying to install this for my learning of this technology. I tried installing openstack in CentOS version 7 Operating System. How I tried installing this is by referring (here). When I was cloning the repository, I was a root user and so it was cloned to the location /root/devstack. But then while installing the same, I got an error which then googled I could find that installing can't be done as root user. So, I tried creating a user and a group in the name "stack" and given permissions in this devstack folder to stack user. But then also when I tried installing it displays "permission denied."

What could be the issue? Do I want to clone the repo again to other location something like /opt/devstack? Can someone please help me on this.? Not sure whether this is enough for you to answer my question. Please ask if any more info needed..

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answered 2014-07-16 05:50:31 -0500

mayank0107 gravatar image

devstack provides support to create user and run installation when ran as root user.

You can also try creating an user in the machine and then cloning devstack to the home directory of that user and running it. It should work fine.

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