Why is neutron update port called for the router port?

asked 2014-07-15 20:43:23 -0600

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updated 2014-07-15 20:43:48 -0600

I was trying to write down an ML2 plugin.

As a part of the code I add a log whenever there is an update/create/delete of a port using the postcommit callbacks.

I noticed that whenever a port is created or deleted, the port associated with the gateway router also gets updated.

i.e lets say I have a port list like the following:

root@ace45:~/openstack# neutron port-list

| 8c5b4252-2997-40ac-a419-e5f87dcd1c52 || fa:16:3e:47:1c:5d | {"subnet_id": "", "ip_address": ""} |

|b9a94446-ae8a-4b33-83e0-1aad085d04e0 || fa:16:3e:24:ab:0d | {"subnet_id":"", "ip_address": ""} |

|cf7c8193-0ee0-4d34-b51a-3fb370f7d1a9 || fa:16:3e:b8:25:ab | {"subnet_id":"", "ip_address": ""} |

Port is the router ip.

So whenever I create/delete an instance this port is updated.

What could be the reason behind that?

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