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How to start Nova service from source code?

asked 2014-07-14 21:21:19 -0500

anhdenday gravatar image

updated 2014-07-15 02:19:58 -0500

I am deploying OpenStack (icehouse) from the source code manually. Minimum requirements services to deploy is 4 (nova, keystone, glance, horizon). I've already deploy and start 3 services is: keystone, glance, horizon but only Nova I dont know how to start it. I read in the nova manual here:

Please help me!

Thanks you so much

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are you getting any error and explain what issue ?

SGPJ gravatar imageSGPJ ( 2014-07-15 01:59:04 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-07-15 02:25:20 -0500

Make sure you have all packages available and try "service nova-compute restart"

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Dear Karthik1427, I download "Nova" source code from github, so which package I need to install? I try to type "nova" and typing "Tab" keyboard, a list of nova services appear as following include "nova-compute" so I only need to start "nova-compute" or all of them?

nova                          nova-console
nova-all                      nova-consoleauth
nova-api                      nova-dhcpbridge
nova-api-ec2                  nova-manage
nova-api-metadata             nova-network
nova-api-os-compute           nova-novncproxy
nova-baremetal-deploy-helper  nova-objectstore
nova-baremetal-manage         nova-rootwrap
nova-cells                    nova-rpc-zmq-receiver
nova-cert                     nova-scheduler
nova-clear-rabbit-queues      nova-spicehtml5proxy
nova-compute                  nova-xvpvncproxy

Too many services, how can I start/stop/restart each service?

anhdenday gravatar imageanhdenday ( 2014-07-15 04:55:48 -0500 )edit

@anhdenday: you probably don't need all those services. For example, my deployment is only running cert, consoleauth, scheduler, and conductor in the controller node. Start each service with the following command: service nova-cert restart.

gkeller2 gravatar imagegkeller2 ( 2014-07-15 11:11:53 -0500 )edit

Thanks you so your reply

I did following your recommend

service nova-cert restart

but the result is:

nova-cert: unrecognized service

Do you know why?

anhdenday gravatar imageanhdenday ( 2014-07-15 16:36:55 -0500 )edit

Run the following command to find out the proper name of the services you are looking for:

service --status-all | grep openstack

In my case, the services are called -- most of them -- openstack-something. E.g., openstack-nova-scheduler.

gkeller2 gravatar imagegkeller2 ( 2014-07-15 17:21:42 -0500 )edit

Dear gkellr2, I've run your command already, the result is:

stack@freeman:/opt/stack/nova$ service --status-all | grep openstack
 [ ? ]  apport
 [ ? ]  console-setup
 [ ? ]  cryptdisks
 [ ? ]  cryptdisks-early
 [ ? ]  dns-clean
 [ ? ]  irqbalance
 [ ? ]  killprocs
 [ ? ]  kmod
 [ ? ]  mysql
 [ ? ]  networking
 [ ? ]  ondemand
 [ ? ]  pppd-dns
 [ ? ]  rc.local
 [ ? ]  screen-cleanup
 [ ? ]  sendsigs
 [ ? ]  sysfsutils
 [ ? ]  umountfs
 [ ? ]
 [ ? ]
 [ ? ]  umountroot
 [ ? ]  zfs-fuse
anhdenday gravatar imageanhdenday ( 2014-07-16 12:11:32 -0500 )edit

answered 2014-07-22 11:45:09 -0500

manish gravatar image

This will depend on what installation architecture you are following whether it is single node or multi node installation. I have currently two node setup (controller and compute node) below are the service running on controller :

nova-api nova-cert nova-conductor nova-consoleauth nova-novncproxy nova-scheduler

and on compute node :

nova-api-metadata nova-compute

regarding managing these service start and stop, first this you should do is register this services to start on reboot. and for your manual start and stop you can put these command in a simple script and use that script to starting and stopping of these services.

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answered 2014-07-15 09:14:54 -0500

Eric Xie gravatar image

There are several essential components for Nova service: 1. nova-api 2. nova-scheduler 3. nova-conductor 4. nova-compute If you need console, also need nova-novncproxy and nova-consoleauth.

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I use the command:

service nova-xxx start/restart

But the result is:

nova-cert: unrecognized service

I dont know what package i have to install more for it.

anhdenday gravatar imageanhdenday ( 2014-07-15 16:38:29 -0500 )edit

On redhat or fedora, nova services may be with prefix "openstack-". For example, service openstack-nova-cert restart. Please try it:)

Eric Xie gravatar imageEric Xie ( 2014-07-16 08:24:49 -0500 )edit

Thanks you, but I am using Ubuntu :)

anhdenday gravatar imageanhdenday ( 2014-07-16 12:07:32 -0500 )edit

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