warnings I am getting with openvswitch

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Hi all, I posted a message a while ago in the openstack@ mailing list about some warnings I am getting with openvswitch.

This is the post I made: https://lists.launchpad.net/openstack/msg24745.html

Does the first response make sense? Are other people seeing warnings such as:

/var/log/openvswitch/ovs-vswitchd.log:Aug 12 10:33:36|80611|netdev|WARN|Dropped 159 log messages in last 12 seconds (most recently, 1 seconds ago) due to excessive rate
/var/log/openvswitch/ovs-vswitchd.log:Aug 12 10:33:36|80612|netdev|WARN|failed to get flags for network device tap37874e8e-0e: No such device

I am using grizzly release.

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answered 2013-08-13 09:50:37 -0600

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I believe this is OVS trying to manipulate the tap device that is created for quantum-dhcp-agent. If you have namespaces enabled, the tap device is not configurable from outside the netns, and that's what OVS is trying to do repeatedly.

I'm not sure if it's harmful or not - it doesn't appear to be. The DHCP agent is working just fine.

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