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Physical machines Virtual Machines and Domain relationships

asked 2013-08-11 02:57:15 -0600

Sudheesh gravatar image

As far as I understand one domain can have N number of tenants. Each tenant can have N number of Virtual Machines created in available Physical machines. So now my questions are

1) Can you have same Physical machine VMs in 2 different domains

2) How can you list Physical machines in each domain?

3) if same Physical machines can be present in different domains, how can you find list of domains to which the physical machine is used for?

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answered 2014-06-10 04:39:21 -0600

swarvanusg gravatar image

Hi @Sudheesh,

As I understand it as "A single tenant is a specific project of IAAS service" provided using OpenStack. Lets say you are a admin and you have a company providing IAAS service to different client, then for each client you will provide a different tenant id. Those are different tenants of each. Each tenant is segregated and they don't have any sharing, except any resource shared for the whole domain created by domain admin, lets say a External network.

A domain is a aggregation of tenants. It's like segregating the admin role in different part according to the type of tenant. Each domain have a admin user. Who will create tenant for the specific domain.

A physical machine is the compute node having the compute power and hyper-visor. A 'VM' is the virtual machine running in the physical machine using the physical machine computes power.

Now the question you have asked:

A1. A 'VM' always resides into a single physical Machine. The 'VM' belongs to a specific Tenant. Now a single Tenant can't be in two different domain. So the 'VM''s are also belongs to a specific domain.

A2. Physical machine are not domain specific. Different domain's tenant's VM's may resides in same Physical machine. 

A3. I think there is no direct way to do so. :(. If there is any please tell me.

Best regards

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