verify s3 emulation with swift? [closed]

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Hi Experts,

Please note: I have deployed multi node setup whereby controller node, proxy node and storage nodes are separate and Swift is working fine from horizon. The question is raised as I am having few doubts in S3 emulation with swift.

I have used the following docs to install and configure the proxy server and Keystone.conf for S3 emulation with Swift:

Now, how can I test if S3 is working properly from windows platform or proxy server using boto or anything you suggest as I tried following the above docs but none of them gives clear steps to use boto alone.

I have downloaded Cloudberry explorer for openstack before to test with swift and it worked. Now I have downloaded cloudberry explorer for amazon S3 and in it I am trying to create an account for "S3 compatible" and confused as to what should be entered into "Service point" field? some of the docs says to enter the proxyserver ip address but as per my knowkedge its only possible if I am using Swauth or Tempauth as auth - what should be when I am using keystone as an auth and it resides on a separate server.

If you are not familiar with cloudberry then please suggest any other client for windows to test and verify the installation.

I would appreciate your kind suggestion as I am stuck at this point - thanks in advance .

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Chmouel's help have solved this issue. Thanks brother

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It would be great to share here the solution @RohitGupta, thanks :)

smaffulli gravatar imagesmaffulli ( 2013-08-09 14:54:40 -0600 )edit

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