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Hi developer, I have went through all the swift 1.8.1 code . I find the proxy node take to much heavy pressures. For example, assume there are 3 replicas for each partition, when upload an object, the client will first upload the object to proxy node , and then the proxy node will transfer the object to the three device due to 3 replicas. It means, the proxy node will upload the object to three device one by one. I think it will lead to heavy traffic for the proxy node. I think the more reasonable approach is the proxy node successfully upload the object to one device. And then the device synchronize the object to the left 2 device.

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  1. There's no question in that statement - I think "ask" is primarily a QA forum - perhaps you'd get a more suitable response on the mailing list?

  2. I've already answered this question here:

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