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Where are the hw_disk_bus and hw_vif_model settings taken from on instance reboot?

asked 2013-08-07 15:59:32 -0500

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updated 2013-08-08 17:32:35 -0500

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I have an image which uses the hw_disk_bus and hw_cdrom_bus as format ide instead of virtio and the hw_vif_model as e1000 instead of virtio. I dont have drivers compatible with virtio for my image, so instead I change the properties of my glance image using glance image-update to reflect the hw_disk_bus and hw_cdrom_bus as ide and hw_vif_model as e1000. The image loads up fine the first time, however the reboot fails because the vif and disk bus models go back to virtio instead of using the new settings from the image. Any ideas on how to resolve this??

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answered 2013-08-09 12:04:21 -0500

updated 2013-08-09 12:06:03 -0500


you can set up these parameters using glance. Lookup the id of the image you have imported - you can see this also from the web console or using "glance image-list", then you can set these parameters as follows:

   glance image-update --property hw_cdrom_bus='ide'  --property hw_disk_bus='ide'   image_id

Where image_id is the id of the image you want to change.

You can set all the image parameters in this way,



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I also have this issue. And after using image-update to set hw_cdrom_bus and hw_disk_bus to be 'ide' , it can't resolve this issue , my instance's disk bus models still go back to virtio disk , it goes into the centos's installation page when every reboot.

shayangnala11 gravatar imageshayangnala11 ( 2014-04-10 21:23:44 -0500 )edit

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