Configuring Openstack to work within an existing multi-vlan network

asked 2014-07-10 07:41:09 -0500

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Hi There,

I'm new to Openstack and looking into a different solution for our IT Research Lab, moving from a Vmware Vsphere, to somewhere where each Organisation can setup and destroy/backup etc their own vm's as many times as they need.

We have an existing Vlanned network using Cisco ASA 5540's as default gateways. What we want to be able to do is like with Vmware, be able to provision a project to a particular/several different Vlans, in keeping with their current infrastructure.

Our structure is defined as follows:

Host01 - RHEL7 with Packstack/manager/dashboard and Compute Host02 - RHEL7 Compute Host03 - RHEL7 Compute

On each Node: Enp3s0f0 is Internal Management Network ( soon to be; Enp3s0f1 is Bond0; Enp3s0f2 is Bond0; Enp3s0f3 is Bond0.

Bond0 is the interface that all vlans should be passed through to the VM's, including and we have vlans ranging from 1 - 4096.

All the documentation on the openstack website/community shows a virtual router being created in Openstack Neutron, but all of that is handled by our firewalls, which is where we start getting confused and lost.

What we'd like to know is:

How do you integrate current Openstack networking technology into an outstanding physical network, where SDN and Traditional hardware networking have to co-exist.

How do you configure networking on this scale in openstack, using the standard tools, and do we need to use Openvswitch etc for it to work correctly.

We don't have a "public interface' in terms of producing externally addressable IP address's most of our systems are accessed from the outside by VPN connections, which is integrated into our internal networks by our core firewalls, so how do we remove the need for a dedicated network node which runs the virtual routing? -- is this possible at the moment?

Thanks for all your Help,


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