Compute hosts don't show up

asked 2013-07-29 08:48:14 -0600

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Even thought the connectivity from the controller to the compute nodes is correct (I can ping using the internal IP addresses), when I type

nova-manage host list

I can only see:

openstack-controller-node internal

Why my compute nodes do not appear? What about my network node?

I guess this is related to the fact that when I create a VM it fails saying that no available hosts where found. Does anyone know why is this happening or at least what could be happening?


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Possibly the scheduler is not finding a suitable node because your compute nodes are out of memory or some other filter is in place? Not making an answer because I just don't know, let us know more about your hardware on the compute nodes and scheduler choice.

annegentle gravatar imageannegentle ( 2013-12-02 21:29:41 -0600 )edit

May be the compute node and controller node are not synchronized, please ensure the datetime in both machines is same and try restarting the compute service.

sushma-korati gravatar imagesushma-korati ( 2014-09-01 01:57:42 -0600 )edit

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answered 2014-10-30 06:38:09 -0600

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nova hypervisor-list shows the compute nodes successfully added to your cluster. If you don't see your computes here, you can look at nova compute logs on compute-host (/var/log/nova/) for possible failures. It could be that compute service is not up or rabbit-mq config or other config issues.

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