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Hello, I have a working openstack system up and running. One controller/neutron node, 3 compute nodes, one cinder node and one swift node. I have all services running except trove. I have a problem that i can't resolve. If i upload an .iso image, let's say ubuntu 14.04 install disc, when i try to create an instance with it i get a creation error. In the logs i can see it's a filtering problem. I get no host found by filtering. It's not a problem of ram, cpu or disk space. Any other type of images work. I have a ubuntu vdi that works, a windows 2012 vmdk that works and the cirros qcow2 that works too. I tried allhosts... filter in nova.conf with no luck. The problem is that it worked the first time, when i had only the identity, image,compute, neutron, dashboard and block stoarge services installed.The problem came after installing object storage, orchestration or telemitry services. Any ideas on how i can fix this?

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answered 2014-07-09 09:55:37 -0600

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It seems it's a permission problem. After digging more i noticed nova.conf couldn't be read. Althought chown was set to nova:nova i had to set chmod 777. After that i had to set same chmod for nova-manage.log. I don't understand how did the permissions get screwed up so badly?! I followed the tutorial for installing openstack on ubuntu 14.04. Now i can boot .iso images just fine but can't attach volumes to them. I can attach volumes to instances spawned from any other format but .iso. Also when i try to boot the image with new volume i get an error. In the logs i can see cindefilter not finding any hosts. I need to dig more into this.

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