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Unable access instance with associated floating ip

asked 2013-07-24 13:20:37 -0500

aquila gravatar image

We have subnet defined as a.b.c.0/21 and there are floating ips a.b.c.5 and a.b.c.8-18 are available. Very strange we used to access all the associated floating ips OK (ping or ssh) but recently we can access a.b.c.5.

When run traceroute or tracepath to these ips from the OpenStack quantum box, it directly reach the all IPs except a.b.c.5 which hit our external router a.b.c.1.

We don't see any difference between the configurations of these IP/port/subnet. And it works before.

How should we debug the problem?

Our OpenStack version grizzly.


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answered 2013-07-25 09:54:45 -0500

aquila gravatar image

Still can't find the reason. But disassociate/re-associate with the same floating ip resolve the problem

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