ServiceCatalogException at /admin/images/images/ on Wheezy [closed]

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I need a little bit of help setting up openstack on Debian wheezy: whenever I go to the image admin section in horizon, I get this error: ServiceCatalogException at /admin/images/images/ Invalid service catalog service: image

  • I've created the image service in keystone
  • It's listed in the endpoints

Dunno what else to do... Can anybody help?

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What happens when you run `glance image-list` or try to add an image to glance at the command line?

decede gravatar imagedecede ( 2013-11-15 09:08:54 -0500 )edit

very likely something is wrong with your entry for glance in the service catalog, can you provide a dump of it for us?

fifieldt gravatar imagefifieldt ( 2014-07-29 21:02:35 -0500 )edit