Not able to setup quantum in Grizzly with keystone as HTTPS [closed]

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I have setup keystone with HTTPS settings on Grizzly. Nova, Glance, are working fine but quantum is not working properly. I am able to run quantum --insecure net-list but I want to run it without --insecure parameters. I have added insecure=True in other conf file like for nova and glance but adding the same parameter is not working for Quantum.

Is HTTPS supported by Quantum on Grizzly? I found similar thread but not sure that on Grizzly, quantum is not supported with HTTPS settings.

Regards, Devesh

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Why are you still on Grizzly?

smaffulli gravatar imagesmaffulli ( 2014-06-27 16:34:33 -0500 )edit

The version of OpenStack that this is opened against has been declared EOL as per Please open a new issue if you are still seeing this problem with a more recent, supported version of OpenStack. Thanks.

rbowen gravatar imagerbowen ( 2016-06-21 14:06:16 -0500 )edit