Can't install proper package for compute node on Debian

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I'm encountering a serious problem with my compute node setup. Since I'm using Debian Wheezy, I followed this guide where it ask you to install nova-compute-kvm & python-guestfs.

First of all, I don't need kvm because I plan to use VMware with the compute node, but I installed it nonetheless since the nova-compute-vmware package doesn't existe anymore. THe isntallation has nova-common as a dependencie, which ask you to configure a database for it, whereas it was clearly stated sooner in this guide that a compute-node does not require mysql-server. Therefore the installation fail when selecting a mysql backend.

I tried with an sqlite3 backend anyway, and after the install, the nova-compute service is non-existant (and I didn't get any error message during the installation).

Any ideas ?

By the way,I'm using the following repository : deb icehouse-backports main deb icehouse main

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answered 2014-06-27 09:07:21 -0500

Hi, thanks for your feedbacks!

I didn't faced missing packages yet, however I can testify that dependencies for nova-compute are truly unsetling. As I said before, in my case the installation of nova-compute automatically triggered nova-common as a dependency, which seek to install a local mysql database.

So what I did, to get around this kwak, is that I chose not to install a local database for nova-common when prompted, and let failed everything else that relied on that. Afterwards, nova-compute still got properly installed, which is what I actually needed, in the end.

I then changed some lines in the nova.conf file, such as the sql connection string (which had been set to sqlite), the glance host, and the rabbit host to refer the controller node address. After a few try I managed to get the nova-compute service to start and to exchange messages with the control node.

So in the end, mysql server is not needed on the compute node, you'll only need the mysql client, the python client and a bunch of dependencies that come with nova-common but remember that you SHALL NOT install a nova-common database, since this database already exist on the controller. I think the nova-compute package for debian is made in way that it is supposed to be installed on the controller, in a All-in-One installation.


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