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Where can I find information about creating new driver for Nova Compute?

asked 2014-06-25 06:23:09 -0500

punkracy gravatar image

Hi all. I am looking for information how to write new driver for nova compute. Looking at existing drivers I do not see any pattern ("interfaces" I need to implement). I checked for example docker driver, but still don't have idea how to program new one. I am willing to write driver for compute unit (like for x86, powerpc, solaris etc). Any one could show me place/examples where I can get more information? And after writing driver what are the steps to make it visible in Horizon.

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answered 2014-06-25 15:40:34 -0500

mpetason gravatar image

Starting point:

You'll want to start there. Once you are able to get a driver finished out then you need to look into editing Horizon.

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Dear Michael, thank you for answering. I know the second link, I even started to develop some code. I also checked the first one, but could not find any info how to write new driver. I am looking for something like: you need to implement listInstances, startInstance methods etc.

punkracy gravatar imagepunkracy ( 2014-07-01 13:19:36 -0500 )edit

You should get into the #openstack-nova IRC channel on freenode. You'll get all of the information you need. Just ask for advice on how to start. Most of the development community is on IRC.

mpetason gravatar imagempetason ( 2014-07-01 14:29:25 -0500 )edit

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