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tempest failing because pypi server timed out?

asked 2014-06-20 01:56:56 -0500

For the latest tempest run error showing 'Connection to timed out'. from all modules fails with same error. But 'pip install' works fine. Any help how to make the tempest/testr running fine.

I have seen few defects around this area, but none of the work around is helping me.

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answered 2014-09-14 08:13:20 -0500

Here is the solution I have:

Some of the mirrors may not be working in your organization environment mainly because of proxy settings. Keep changing the mirror and see which one works in your world.

~./pip/pip.conf - edit: Index-url=add pip mirror site


~/.bashrc - edit: export PIP_INDEX_URL= add pip mirror site

  • Check the log files including here /root/.pip/pip.log

  • Remove the .venv and rerun the ./ file

  • If pip is only failing wih "-r", then try


pip install --upgrade -r

  • OR Setup your own pypi mirror

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