help identify neutron ovs ofctl error [closed]

asked 2014-06-16 13:41:31 -0600

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I have this error in my ovs logs, preventing the vlan translation: tail -f /var/log/neutron/openvswitch-agent.log

2014-06-16 12:46:16.655 2153 ERROR neutron.agent.linux.ovs_lib [req-d93ab9a5-af93-465f-a29f-500235ac1a03 None] Unable to execute ['ovs-ofctl', 'add-flow', 'p2p1', 'hard_timeout=0,idle_timeout=0,priority=4,dl_vlan=1,in_port=1,actions=mod_vlan_vid:203,normal']. Exception: Command: ['sudo', '/usr/bin/neutron-rootwrap', '/etc/neutron/rootwrap.conf', 'ovs-ofctl', 'add-flow', 'p2p1', 'hard_timeout=0,idle_timeout=0,priority=4,dl_vlan=1,in_port=1,actions=mod_vlan_vid:203,normal'] Exit code: 1 Stdout: '' Stderr: 'ovs-ofctl: p2p1 is not a bridge or a socket\n'

p2p1 is the physical interface - the bridge is br-p2p1. I don't know where the ovs agent is picking this up to that I can change it. appreciate any help.

root@compute04:~# ovs-vsctl show 7d4ad080-0fbb-482b-b44f-1d3eca27d095 Bridge "br-p2p1" Port "p2p1" Interface "p2p1" Port "br-p2p1" Interface "br-p2p1" type: internal Port "phy-p2p1" Interface "phy-p2p1"

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answered 2014-06-16 14:34:00 -0600

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You probably want to take a look at your Neutron configuration in /etc/neutron/plugins/openvswitch/ovs_neutron_plugin.ini and check your `bridge_mappings configuration option. This setting maps physical network names to actual device names, and seems like if it had the wrong value it might cause the error you're seeing.

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nailed it! great catch - I had indeed added bridge mappings incorrectly.

jogarret6204 gravatar imagejogarret6204 ( 2014-06-16 14:47:27 -0600 )edit

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