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AIO RDO IceHouse install via packstack vs Devstack on Ubuntu

asked 2014-06-14 05:12:18 -0600

samfrid gravatar image
RDO packstack seems to me much more easier and comfortable ( registering all openstack services upon completion ).
I've already committed CentOS 6.5 install.  Neutron services have been raised up by default. I am not afraid  to reboot
the box and loose my installation.  Maybe Devstack and Ubuntu  have  some hidden advantages ? Please advise.
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answered 2014-06-14 15:52:23 -0600

SGPJ gravatar image

you can use packstack for production as it is persistent but devstack is for development or testing purpose and if devstack is rebooted you will loose all config.

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answered 2014-06-16 02:21:14 -0600

DanIzack gravatar image
As far as to my knowledge  Ubuntu doesn't have puppet technology.  The power of python is well known thing.
Daemon xend is written in python, RDO packstack tools are written in python as well. Yes , the Openstack core
development is happening on Ubuntu platform, however the best approach for Enterprise and fast deployment of
Openstack IceHouse (oncoming new systems) would be definitely on RHEL 7 ( CentOS 7)  due to RDO
platform powered by packstack utilizing answer-files for multi-node IceHouse deployment. I would suggest to have the same platform for development and Enterprise systems. Otherwise, it's not quite clear what to do in QA phase
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