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How to check if the keystone repository in git is cloned in devstack ?

asked 2013-07-19 03:51:39 -0500

Deepak gravatar image

updated 2013-07-19 10:03:25 -0500

Hi, In order to set up a federated keystone in devstack, I am following the below steps.

Setting up federation in a devstack environment.

  1. Install dependency for SAML authentication module.

The python module dm.xmlsec.binding is used by the SAML module in the federated code for handling signatures on the requests.

It can be downloaded from

  1. Modify the stackrc script with the correct keystone repository: The URL is The latest branch is kent-federated-april

  2. Modify the libs/keystone script so that the following line: cp -p $KEYSTONE_DIR/etc/keystone.conf.sample $KEYSTONE_CONF specifies the example config file provided alongside these instructions

  3. Modify the example config file to point to your request signing key if SAML Identity providers will be used, this is specified in the following section of the config file:

[federated] requestSigningKey = /Users/kwss2/test/keystone/cert/privkey.pem SPName = KeystoneClientSecure

My querries are : 1. How do I know now if the devstack keystone is federated and making use of the files from this git keystone repository ? 2. I am a bit confused with the 4th step, I am using SAML identity providers but what does that change mean and where to do it ? 3. After finishing all the above steps, when I try to run the example script by typing python , I am getting an error stating "no such file or directory"

Thank you

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answered 2013-07-19 16:29:23 -0500

smaffulli gravatar image

You seem to be using an experimental feature of Keystone not yet included in the default OpenStack project. If you're not already very familiar with OpenStack I'd suggest you to wait until federation is stable and released officially. Alternatively you may want to contact the developers of that keystone fork.

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