Where does shared storage typically reside for guest filesystems?

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I have been deploying OpenStack with VM's leveraging local storage on the compute nodes and it works terrific. Great. But now I'm being tasked to scale to hundreds of compute nodes with shared storage (for the purposes of achieving some level of guest resiliency in the event of a host failure). My understanding of OpenStack is the architecture is typically "shared nothing" preventing data loss if a host goes down.

My question is: Where does shared storage typically reside for guest filesystems? Cinder nodes with SATA? NetApp storage appliances? What's the best performance/cost ratio? What's considered best practice? I can't justify SSD drives on multiple Cinder nodes with 40GB fabric, local storage is susceptible to host failures and SATA impacts IOPS.


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answered 2013-07-19 16:48:55 -0500

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You may be interested in the OpenStack Operations Guide's chapter on Storage Decisions: http://docs.openstack.org/trunk/openstack-ops/content/storage_decision.html

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