"Dependency Cron[token-flush] has failures: true" when running packstack on RHEL 6.5 [closed]

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When installing openstack-icehouse using packstack, it fails in the following step with the error message as follows [ ERROR ]
Applying Puppet manifests [ ERROR ]

ERROR : Error appeared during Puppet run: Error: Could not find a suitable provider for cron

The Log file contains the following :

[[mNotice: /Stage[main]/Swift::Keystone::Auth/Keystone_user_role[swift@services]/roles: roles changed ['_member_'] to 'admin'^[[0m ^[[mNotice: /Stage[main]/Cinder::Keystone::Auth/Keystone_user_role[cinder@services]/roles: roles changed ['_member_'] to 'admin'^[[0m ^[[mNotice: /Stage[main]/Main/Service[crond]: Dependency Cron[token-flush] has failures: true^[[0m ^[[1;31mWarning: /Stage[main]/Main/Service[crond]: Skipping because of failed dependencies^[[0m ^[[1;31mError: Could not find a suitable provider for cron^[[0m ^[[mNotice: Finished catalog run in 64.44 seconds^[[0m

Partial output of yum list installed is given below:

openstack-glance.noarch 2014.1-2.el6 @openstack-icehouse openstack-keystone.noarch 2014.1-5.el6 @openstack-icehouse openstack-packstack.noarch 2014.1.1-0.12.dev1068.el6 @openstack-icehouse openstack-packstack-puppet.noarch 2014.1.1-0.12.dev1068.el6 @openstack-icehouse openstack-puppet-modules.noarch 2014.1-12.el6 @openstack-icehouse openstack-selinux.noarch 0.1.3-2.el6ost @openstack-icehouse openstack-utils.noarch 2014.1-1.el6 @openstack-icehouse

Any help will be appreciated.

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answered 2014-06-12 15:04:34 -0600

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yum install yum-cron fixed the issue

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