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Can i have Controller, Compute, Network all in one server?

asked 2014-06-11 23:46:40 -0500

S.Bharath gravatar image

Hi All,

Right now I have three nodes, Controller Node, Compute Node and Network Node, is it possible to have all these components in a single node? would that be possible?

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Yes, it is possible.

Anand TS gravatar imageAnand TS ( 2014-06-12 00:06:58 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-06-12 00:59:55 -0500

SGPJ gravatar image

You can try single node setup


Step : Run Packstack to install OpenStack

Packstack takes the work out of manually setting up OpenStack. For a single node OpenStack deployment, run the following command. If on RHEL7, or Fedora 20/21, please make SELinux permissive for now, with: sudo setenforce permissive

packstack --allinone

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answered 2014-06-12 00:59:45 -0500

SGPJ gravatar image

updated 2014-06-12 05:55:55 -0500

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answered 2014-06-12 06:29:13 -0500

punxism gravatar image

You can also use ( . Just install all modules on a single node.

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