can quantum "add" ip pools to a existing subnet?

asked 2013-07-17 23:43:12 -0600

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In grizzly I create a network and corresponding subnet with a given allocation-pool (say - After this network has been used (by router or some other VMs), could I add more IPs to this subnet, ex. ( -

I tried to use quantum subnet-update, but --allocation-pool option can not be used in update (according to The only way seems to delete the subnet and re-create it with wider pools, or is there any other ways?

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answered 2014-07-29 20:53:00 -0600

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With Quantum under grizzly, probably not. Unless you're willing to do masses of database and manual configuration file hacks, which are not a good idea :)

This probably changes in later versions - i.e. neutron.

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