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how can we reconcile instances created on vCenter ESX host from openstack?

asked 2014-06-08 09:37:56 -0500

manish gravatar image

updated 2014-06-08 10:33:44 -0500

dbaxps gravatar image

I have icehouse setup with one controller node and two compute node (vcenter and KVM). In case of KVM i am able to reconcile with uuid of instance on controller node and domuuid on KVM host. But in case of vCenter the uuid on controller and host does not match.

Can someone help me clarify below points:

1> is there generic way of reconcile node from controller to compute host. 
2> if not the first one then how can be reconcile in case of vCenter host

thanks in advance.


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answered 2014-06-23 03:31:24 -0500

manish gravatar image

Below are the answer for the questions: 1> there is no generic way of reconciliation of node from controller to compute host. 2> these are the attribute/properties used for reconcile VM on vcenter compute a> uuid or instance uuid b> nvp.vm-uuid (config.extraConfig) c> vm display name

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answered 2015-04-03 12:12:09 -0500

Minesh gravatar image

Hi Manish, Do you have step by step document showing icehouse integration with VMWare [esxi] ? if so can you share with me?

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