adding an additional proxy server to swift installation

asked 2014-06-02 23:59:28 -0500

Sagar gravatar image

I needed some clarification regarding the addition of a proxy server to a swift cluster. I have two regions 1 and 2 and currently, only 1 proxy server in region 1. I want to setup a new proxy server in region 2. So, when I load balance between the two proxy servers, it might happen that when I try to download an object from a node in region 2, the proxy server from region 1 services that request. Will the object also pass through that proxy server en-route to the node? If that is the case, the time taken to fetch the object will be large compared to the case when the proxy server from region 2 services the request. So, in short, my question is that is it possible to request a particular proxy server only to service a read/write request?

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