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Best way to use iSCSI-only SAN arrays for shared storage

asked 2014-06-01 18:03:07 -0500

Joraff gravatar image

I have a good amount of unused iSCSI-only storage arrays (Dell PowerVaults) that I'd like to use as shared ephemeral storage. What's the best supported way to be able to use these? I'm currently contemplating between:

  • Dedicated NFS server between compute nodes and the iSCSI arrays. Heh, with lots of NICs.

    • Or, GlusterFS instead - can then use the same storage for object and block storage too.
    • Node is a single point of failure. Best way to load balance or failover?
  • iSCSI initiator on each compute node, with a shared LUN mounted at /var/lib/nova/instances. I can only find documentation on using NFS for this, but in theory could any shared storage be used?


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answered 2020-04-24 11:58:24 -0500

eran101 gravatar image

This seems to be the answer: (

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answered 2014-12-16 03:32:40 -0500

trigger gravatar image


I would also like to have an answer to Joraff's questions, I'm seeking the same advice. I'm also curious and are looking for a way to use ISCSI without the use of dedicated cinder nodes (LVM) so that the only point of failure is the compute nodes and not storage.

Best regards

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