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Hi, I’m trying to install openstack (with rdo to make it easier) on bare-metal servers (provided by OVH). For me, one of the greatest feature from this company is what’s they call “VRACK”. It’s a feature to add a private network between all my servers and theirs datacenters easily.

To know more about it: ( and (

The Vrack is great, and works instantly but I can’t make it works with OpenStack/RDO.

Each server has 2 network interfaces:

  • eth0 is the server’s public address, the one I ssh to and I use to have access to Horizon
  • eth1 is the server’s interface to the vrack.

With 2 or more servers I can ping each one in my private network.

There’s a Vrack feature which allows to add public IPs to my Vrack/private network called by OVH « Public IP routing ». It’s a great feature because I can add any public IP to my Vrack and any server from any datacenter can use it to be connected to the world!

The issue with Openstack/RDO is that I can’t have my public IPs (floating IPs) and private between my servers on the same interface (eth1) with Neutron.

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Hi Maxime. Have you found your way through? I am having the same question... Thanks in advance.

curuba gravatar imagecuruba ( 2014-11-09 12:50:30 -0500 )edit