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Binding floating IP can not access

asked 2014-05-26 10:20:32 -0500

Binding floating IP can not access, view computer.log log is as follows:

WARNING nova.virt.disk.vfs.guestfs [req-a536f52a-4f8a-4bc1-a49c-31fc049ed38a bd43cf861cdc4fc7ac03bf104343968c 2150480345904b378d389571a75bdc1c] Failed to close augeas aug_close: do_aug_close: you must call 'aug-init' first to initialize Augeas
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answered 2014-05-26 22:52:47 -0500

I don't think the warning message "WARNING nova.virt.disk.vfs.guestf" will block you from accessing the instance. This looks more like a neutron area problem instead of nova. Please post the output from "neutron net-list" and "neutron port-list"

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can you ping floating ip address and try to access to ssh?

senyapsudah gravatar imagesenyapsudah ( 2014-05-26 22:56:19 -0500 )edit

Restart the network nodes back to normal. But the network once the fault openvswitch.log always appear the next log similar to the following error bothers me for a long time:

2014-05-20T06:32:03Z|00007|netdev|WARN|failed to set flags for network device qg-c8668fbc-b6: No such device

2014-05-20T06:32:03Z|00008|netdev|WARN|failed to set flags for network device tap31b31fef-67: No such device

2014-05-20T06:32:03Z|00009|netdev|WARN|failed to set flags for network device qr-a02004ff-31: No such device

There is always a wide variety of feeling openvswitch no such device 

Such that: 
2014-05-27T03: 53:09 Z | 00048 | dpif | WARN | system @ ovs-system: failed to add tapfa48291e-06 as port: No such device 
2014-05-27T03: 53:09 Z | 00049 | bridge | INFO | bridge br-tun: added interface gre-0a14011f on port 2 
2014-05-27T03: 53:10 Z | 00050 | dpif | WARN | Dropped 5 log messages in last 1 seconds (most recently, 1 seconds ago) due ...
linuxqq gravatar imagelinuxqq ( 2014-05-26 23:09:33 -0500 )edit

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