Swift Moving from temp auth to keystone

asked 2014-05-25 16:36:42 -0500

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I'm currently using temp auth on my swift node, can I migrate to keystone easily?

Ie can I move the users across in to keystone and have them access their files still?

Can I run both keystone and temp auth for a transition period as well?

Currently running grizzly though upgrading to ice house



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answered 2014-05-25 21:53:45 -0500

notmyname gravatar image

That little word "easily" is probably what makes me say "no". But it should be possible

You'll need to add the configured tempauth users to Keystone, ensuring that the Swift account is set to the same value as it was in tempath (ie if your tempauth user "bob" has account "AUTH_bob", you'll need to ensure that a Keystone user is assigned to the Swift account "AUTH_bob").

You will not be able to run both Keystone and tempauth at the same time for the same account. You can however run tempauth and Keystone at the same time for non-overlapping accounts.

In Swift, each auth system is a configured with it's own "reseller id". This is the "AUTH_" or "KEY_" prefix you see on Swift accounts. As long as they have different reseller ids, you can run as many auth systems as you want in one Swift deployment.

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Thank you, will have to give this a go at some stage. I want to but don't want to impacted to many clients (end nodes accessing the cluster)

blazesurfer gravatar imageblazesurfer ( 2014-05-26 04:57:47 -0500 )edit

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