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Are there any caveats or prequisites for running a PROD Openstack Cloud that uses openvswitch and KVM?

asked 2014-05-23 16:23:22 -0500

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updated 2014-05-23 18:55:07 -0500

I'm running an Rackspace Openstack (version Havanna). Our infrastructure is comprised of HP hardware (SL4540) running Red Hat Linux 6.5 (2.6.32-431.5.1.el6.x86_64). We're wondering if there's any issues with openvswitch (OVS) based on the following output from our core analysis:

PID: 2911 TASK: ffff88c012425500 CPU: 34 COMMAND: "ovs-vswitchd" #0 [ffff88a0b0c036e0] machine_kexec at ffffffff81038f3b #1 [ffff88a0b0c03740] crash_kexec at ffffffff810c5d82 #2 [ffff88a0b0c03810] oops_end at ffffffff8152b820 #3 [ffff88a0b0c03840] die at ffffffff81010e0b #4 [ffff88a0b0c03870] do_trap at ffffffff8152b084 #5 [ffff88a0b0c038d0] do_invalid_op at ffffffff8100cf95 #6 [ffff88a0b0c03970] invalid_op at ffffffff8100bf9b [exception RIP: skb_pull+48] RIP: ffffffff8144e990 RSP: ffff88a0b0c03a28 RFLAGS: 00010297 RAX: 0000000000000034 RBX: ffff88bf995c4580 RCX: 0000000000000000 RDX: 00000000000005dc RSI: 000000000000000e RDI: ffff88bf995c4580 RBP: ffff88a0b0c03a28 R8: 0000000000005500 R9: 0000000000000000 R10: 5ba3283e16fa6733 R11: 16fa6733363e16fa R12: ffff884013550020 R13: 0000000000000042 R14: ffff88401319e9c0 R15: ffffffffa00328e0 ORIG_RAX: ffffffffffffffff CS: 0010 SS: 0018 #7 [ffff88a0b0c03a30] eth_type_trans at ffffffff8147aa40 #8 [ffff88a0b0c03a60] dev_forward_skb at ffffffff814612d1 #9 [ffff88a0b0c03a80] veth_xmit at ffffffffa0032770 [veth] #10 [ffff88a0b0c03ab0] dev_hard_start_xmit at ffffffff81460554 #11 [ffff88a0b0c03b10] sch_direct_xmit at ffffffff8147bf5a #12 [ffff88a0b0c03b60] dev_queue_xmit at ffffffff81460a58 #13 [ffff88a0b0c03ba0] netdev_send at ffffffffa03bf21d [openvswitch] #14 [ffff88a0b0c03bd0] ovs_vport_send at ffffffffa03bdfe2 [openvswitch] #15 [ffff88a0b0c03c00] do_output at ffffffffa03b73fe [openvswitch] #16 [ffff88a0b0c03c20] do_execute_actions at ffffffffa03b7cb6 [openvswitch] #17 [ffff88a0b0c03cd0] ovs_execute_actions at ffffffffa03b801b [openvswitch] #18 [ffff88a0b0c03ce0] ovs_dp_process_received_packet at ffffffffa03b9a3c [openvswitch] #19 [ffff88a0b0c03df0] ovs_vport_receive at ffffffffa03be07e [openvswitch] #20 [ffff88a0b0c03e00] ovs_netdev_frame_hook at ffffffffa03bf513 [openvswitch] #21 [ffff88a0b0c03e30] __netif_receive_skb at ffffffff8145b8aa #22 [ffff88a0b0c03e90] process_backlog at ffffffff8145ba8a #23 [ffff88a0b0c03ee0] net_rx_action at ffffffff81460d43 #24 [ffff88a0b0c03f40] __do_softirq at ffffffff8107a8e1 #25 [ffff88a0b0c03fb0] call_softirq at ffffffff8100c30c

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Sure there may be caveats but it's impossible to list them all. If you're having specific issues you should post here details on how to solve them. Edit the question to add more details please.

smaffulli gravatar imagesmaffulli ( 2014-05-23 16:54:16 -0500 )edit

I added more details to the question. Let us know if what else should be provided.

chyang247 gravatar imagechyang247 ( 2014-05-23 18:56:26 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-06-08 18:03:02 -0500

chyang247 gravatar image

One specific problem we're seeing was stability problems and OpenVswitch causes my servers to panic. Since disabling GRE tunneling. which we're not using, we've seen much improved stability.

If anyone can share their any best practices they have learned from running OpenVswitch, it would certainly be appreciated. For the time being I'm considering this answered since I've had no repeat of mentioned problems since removing GRE tunnel.

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